Monday, February 18, 2008

12) Activity Controls from the "High Card" perspective

Before I get to the data on the bike ride I just took, I would like to restate that before a person will submit to activity controls, they will weigh the benefits and threats of doing so. So before I put the details of the ride I just took in this post, I will consider the following:
  • Does this information show that I have eaten too much chocolate this winter, instead of spending time on my wind trainer? - Yes
  • Does this information show I was unable to maintain the cadence I had in August? - Yes
  • Are these still pretty good numbers for a 44 year old? - Yes

  • Can I determine the information I wish to present? - Yes

  • Am I competing against anyone that will see this information? - No

I have decided that the details of my ride are more positive than negative. I will present the details in two formats from two analysis programs.

The information I have provided you tells you many things about my ride. Just like the "After the sales call" example, there can be great value in the information a person is willing to share about their activities. It may be nice to see the "Low Card" details, but why demand them if all they do is cause dissension and rebellion?

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