Friday, February 15, 2008

7) Instituting a PACT takes courage!

As an employer, you have every right to ask your employees to log their activities into a centralized database. My research does not advocate removing accountability, but rather, seeks to demonstrate how the aversion to recording activities, that can be used against them, drives employees to mutiny against traditional CRM. Believe me, I found the conclusions of my research to be hard to swallow, but undeniable. If you have the courage to implement a PACT, rather than traditional CRM, there will be departments or individuals, that will push to add activity controls. Because the CRM Dilemma is so counter-intuitive to the ethos of most organizations, unless you fully believe in a PACT, rather than trying to force sales reps to log their activities, you are better off not trying to go down this road. Unless you are willing to institute a "No Low-Card Policy", (Except for training or discipline as noted earlier) my research concludes you will be back to a failing CRM system in no time. Remember that a "Low Card" is anything that a sales rep is asked to record about their activities, that only forms quantitative data and does not help progress the sale, benefit them, or the customer.

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